Program Offer




Offer Includes:

  • Safe work in schools (cities: Qindao, Shandong province, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, …)
  • Business agreement is provided before the candidate leaves in NR China
  • It guarantees the monthly salary written in the contract (from $ 1500 – for working hours of 40 hours a week without weekend, of which 25 hours of English and 15 hours of preparation for the time)
  • Refund of possible health care costs up to 500CNY
  • Welcome to NR KInu as well as transfer assistance from the airport to the accommodation of candidates
  • Provides accommodation for the candidate during the duration of the program (school boarding)
  • Required teaching material
  • Refund of air tickets after the expiration of the contract (in agreement with the employer, up to 4000 CNY)


The offer does not include:

  • Monthly housing of the candidate (about 150CNY)
  • Cost of nutrition
  • Visa (about the visa the candidate agrees with the school, the school agrees with the applicant for his work visa)


  • You are between 19-45 years old (The candidate must have a high school diploma)
  • Good knowledge of English language and a nice pronunciation
  • Energetic and patient, you love working with children
  • Capable
  • Social and enthusiastic
  • You have feelings for the needs of children and the need to care for them
  • You have the teaching skills
  • You have the experience of working with children


Each additional certificate of English language knowledge is of course a plus (TOEFL, TESOL …), but not required to apply for this program.

If you have had experience in working with children at any level, you will get a faster and better job offer, of course, the experience of an English professor is another item that will help you get a job, but of course none of this is required!

The candidate must also be bound by a contract that lasts the LARGEST YEAR, with the possibility of an extension after the expiration


Necessary documentation

Documents and applications you will need during the recruitment process:

  • Secondary school diploma (or diploma of faculty) (not required when you come to apply)
  • A copy of the first page of a valid passport (the expiration date of the passport must be at least 13 months after applying for the program)
  • Certificates, diplomas or anything that a candidate can prove to be proficient in knowledge of English or a lecturer’s job (not required when you come to apply)
  • Filled CV (you will received example of CV in agency)
  • Introduction video (about 1 minute – you get the shooting instructions from the agency)
  • Video simulations of class (up to 2 minutes, with training and assistance of employees in the agency)


Based on the enclosed documents, each candidate will receive the necessary notifications on the email on the specific offer by the Chinese schools.

All other information can be obtained directly from our representative offices or by phone and email.


Provided by the employer and FREE!

Accommodation in China, is provided by the school with which the candidate has signed the contract and is FREE! Every accommodation is mostly located in the immediate vicinity of the school and for up to an hour by car, take into account the size of the cities in which the school is located, and therefore their repentance. Candidates can be accommodated by themselves but also with the roommates, also to people who work as lecturers. In case there are more people living together, each one has a separate bedroom and possibly a separate bathroom, while the common rooms are living room and kitchen and dining room.


We cooperate directly with OVER the 100 schools in China!

Schools we cooperate with can be private and state, and are mainly located in the largest coastal cities. The really excellent conditions that they provide to their employees are one of the reasons why more and more Europeans and people from the English speaking countries choose to spend at least a year working as English speakers in China. What is different here compared to classical schools is that it’s about children from two to twelve years old, where the teacher is also a teacher of these children who need to give them the feeling that English is learning with the game and through fun.