About programPay 0$ for the program
  • Self 1
    + $600 health insurance
    + $180 SEVIS
    + Application 7.000 RSD
  • Self 2
    + $600 health insurance
    + $180 SEVIS
    + Application 7.000 RSD

Program price includes:

  • Health insurance with duration of working part of the program (provided by an American company which is an organizer of the program in the USA).
  • Interview with an American employer/organizing company.
  • SEVIS (US Department of Student & Exchange Visitor Information System) and application
  • Full job description and the preparation of the candidate for work in America.
  • Preparation of documentation, scheduling and complete preparation of a candidate/student for the interview in the Embassy.
  • Organization of orientation and complete preparation for the program rules before departure to America.

Program price does not include:

  • Return airplane ticket to the USA.
  • Interview costs for American visa (it has to be paid in Intesa bank on the name of the American Embassy in Belgrade)
  • Accommodation expenses during your stay in the USA and food for students (unless the chosen job includes these categories).
  • Transport expenses from the airport to accommodation / employer, as well as, transport during the program.
  • Expenses of the employers by the organizing company – "site visit" (if the employer does not fulfill the organizer's criteria "site visit" is obligatory and it is paid additionally.

Canceling expenses

  • 7000 RSD for aplication which you pay when you apply are irreversible in any option.
  • If a candidate quits after the Program application, and before signing the contract/contract proposal with an employer, we keep 300$.
  • If a candidate quits, in case they already signed/accepted the contract proposal or the contract with an employer, and before getting the visa, we keep 400$.
  • If student does not get the visa, we keep 600$ (candidate has the duty after the interview in the American Embassy to deliver DS-2019 form to the agency in order to have the right to refund the money).
  • If a candidate quits after getting the visa for any reason (even objective or personal reasons), money will not be returned and the candidate does not have the right to refund the money.
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