Pay 0$ for the program

Pay 0$ for the program


About programPay 0$ for the program

Pay 0$ for the program

Unique offer in the region, ONLY in Work and Travel GROUP:

For Full Exclusive Program, the candidate DOES NOT PAY INTERNSHIP PROGRAM at The Broadmoor Hotel, before travel to United States. The candidate repays the program during his stay in United States by reimbursing a certain amount on each salary.

The job positions are different, and the hourly wage is from $10 to $13.

All students attending regular exams, aged 18 to 33, who are regularly enrolled in basic / master / PhD studies at the Faculty of Tourism, Hospitality and Catering, are entitled to apply. If the student has completed the studies, period from graduation until the date when the program starts cannot be longer than 12 months.


The Broadmoor resort is located at the foot of Mount Cheyenne, in the suburbs of Colorado Springs, Denver. The resort was founded in 1918 and will be celebrating its 100th birthday in 2018. The architecture of the hotel is made in Renaissance style and it fits perfectly into the nature that surrounds the resort itself. Between 1961 and 2001, additional resort buildings were added - Broadmoor South, Broadmoore West, Lakeside Suites and West Tower, which are located around the lake and all units are interconnected.

The area of ​​the entire resort extends to 1,536 km2 and there are, in addition to the hotel complex of 779 rooms, 18 restaurants, of which Penrose Room is the only restaurant in Colorado that is decorated with 5 stars on the Forbes list and Five- Diamond on the AAA list. Large conference and shopping centers, golf clubs and outdoor courts, outdoor and indoor swimming pools, spa and fitness centers, tennis courts are just a part of what can be found in the resort. The resort offers a wide range of services for its guests, such as shops, boutiques, flower shops, jewelers, beauty salons, etc. Within the resort there is also a ranch where you can find luxurious huts where you can relax and guests can ride horses and enjoy the beautiful nature. Also, the resort has its own pizzeria club and camp that stretches on the slopes of the Cheyenne Mountain.

Guests of the resort can choose several different accommodation, each one in its own way unique, but what is the same for everyone is to pass luxuries and they are made in the same style that returns to the past. Rooms or luxury apartments can be rented in the main building of the hotel. The huts that can be rented offer privacy and luxury and are located within the resort.

The Broadmoor was awarded with some of the greatest achievements in its category:

  • 5 stars on Forbes's resort list, and this achievement has been 57 years old (the longest period for any hotel in America is that it has 5 stars for this long list);
  • 5 diamond at the American Automobile Association (AAA) list for resort for 42 years;
  • 5 diamond na American Automobile Association (AAA) list for Penrose restaurant for 11 years;
  • 5 stars on the Forbes list for Penrose restaurant, and it makes it one of only three resorts that got both achievements on this list.


Colorado Springs is located in the central part of the US State of Colorado. The city is stationed at the foot of one of the most famous American mountains, Rocky Mountains. Due to its convenient location and the surrounding nature, this town is a very popular tourist destination. Almost 5 million tourists a year visit Colorado Springs. Some of the tourist attractions are Garden of the Gods Park, considered one of the most beautiful parks in the world, the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, the only zoo in America on the slopes of the mountain, as well as the U.S. The Olympic Training Center and the headquarters of the American Olympic Committee, located in this city. Tourism makes a lot of money for this city, and this is the third industry by number of jobs, ie over 16,000 people are employed in the field of hospitality and tourism.

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