About the program




In cooperation with our partner from Canada, Tamwood, we offer 3 different types of this program and you can find more information about all three of them.


This program offers participants the chance to listen the classes and get their diploma from one of the 3 fields. Schools are located in one or more of these three cities:  Toronto, Vancouver and Whistler.

    1. Hospitality and Tourism School
      • Hospitality and Tourism – all three locations
      • Food and Beverage – Whistler
    2. Business School
      • International Busines and Management – Vancouver and Toronto
      • Digital Marketing – Vancouver and Toronto
    3. Technology School
      • Web Development – Vancouver
      • User Experience ( UX ) design – Vancouver
      • User Interface ( UI ) design – Vancouver

      Duration of this program is 48 weeks and the program structure is that the participants listen to their classes in the campus for first 24 weeks ( classes are 20 hours a week ) and at the same thime, participants get the opportunity to work part-time in any field they want so they can finance their life in Canada. Participant get the student work permit and they can work only part time or 20 hours a week. Most of the particpants find their jobs in hospitality industry.

      After the participants finish with their classes and they get diplomas they get to work for next 24 weeks in some on the companies in Canada that are closely related to the their new diploma, so they can use their new skills and knowledge. In these 24 weeks of the program participants get to work a full time ( 40 hours a week ), but they can only work for 20 hours a week for the company that is related to their diploma and other 20 hours a week they can work in any fields they want.


      This program offers the opportunity for the participants to combine two different diplomas from two different fields. This way, participants can get more new skills and improve themselves in two different fields.  Also, they can stay in Canada for the longer period of time. This option is the most cost-effective approach for the participants, because participants will get two diplomas and in the same time they will have a longer period of time in Canada to work and pay for all the living costs.

      For now, participants can combine two diplomas programs from the Hospitality and Business schools, and also any two fields from inside the one school.

      Duration of this program is 27 months. The structure of this program is almost the same as for the CO-OP Work and Study program, but participants get additional 150 days to work between two diplomas, and during that period, participants can work anywhere they want in any part of Canada for 40 hours a week.

      With this program, participants save money, because for Dual Diploma program two scholarships are combined in one and it is more cost-effective compared to the situation where a participant goes to the Co-Op Work and Study program twice.


      Participants on this program will listen to the classes from the following fields:

        • Entrepreneurship and innovations – Vancouver

      Duration of this program can be 56 or 64 weeks. If the program is 56 weeks, first 40 weeks are participants will listen to their classes and get an opportunity to work part time, for 20 hours a week in any field, so they can finance their living in Canada. After that, the remaining 16 weeks are designed for participants to work full time in their field of study and use the acquired knowledge and skills.

      Participants get the opportunity to add additional 8 weeks of practicum in a Canadian Start-up and extend their program to 64 weeks. This work practicum is not paid but participant get to part time work permit work after or before their practicum.


      Participants need to be at least 19 years old to participate on these programs. Diploma from the university is not necessary and also, current fields of studies of the participants doesn’t need to be the same as filed they choose for the program. The participant need to explain how he/she will use that knowledge and skills after the program is over.

      All the participants have to pass the English test Tamwood Level 5 ( which is free on their website ) or if they have already passed some other equivalent test CEFR B2, IELTS 5.0, TOEFL ibT 46-59, Cambridge FCE ( C ), participants need to bring the certificate to the agency.


      Our agency cooperates with Tamwood on realization of these programs. Tamwood was founded in 1992. And they have organized different types of educational, cultural, work and travel programs from young people and students. Also, they offer different sets on help and assistance to all the participants in Canada and before they arrive.

      Tamwood assists all the participants with finding jobs in Canada, so that participants can complete their program successfully. All the staff, teacher, guest speakers have all the necessary skills to help participants and ensure that the program will be successful.