What is internship program?

Within this program we offer you an extraordinary opportunity to work and improve yourself in renowned companies in America through Internship programs. Professional practices are performed in cooperation with the sponsor companies which are the leading ones in the area of educational programs.

Boost your CV!

Internship program is intended for young people who want to improve themselves in the areas of their education or in those where they have previous working experience. This is a great opportunity for young people, starters in many professions, to gain significant life and work experience abroad through paid professional practice which lasts for 6, 12 or 18 months.

Work experience in international companies

Participants have a possibility to participate in programs for the areas of hotel management and tourism, economy, marketing, management, finances, engineering, architecture, informatics and programming… During the program, participants will be actively involved in various cultural activities with the aim of gaining better knowledge of American culture and lifestyle in the USA.

What are the benefits of participating?

By participating on the program, candidates get the opportunity to improve their CV and gain important work and life experience. Working in some of the world's companies, you will gain insight into the work of large corporations and a different business policy. Also, in this way, participants will gain very important connections in the business world that can be important for their future careers. This program should be seen as a great investment in yourself and your career. After completing the working part of the program, participants get the opportunity to travel around America for 30 days and get to know American culture even better.

When can I apply?

Programs are realized through the whole year and it is recommended to apply around 10 weeks before the desired date for the program beginning. Depending on the candidate's demands concerning work, location and the length duration of the professional practice, it is possible for the candidate to wait longer to get an offer.
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