Job Positions



HOSTESS – the duties of the hostess are to receive reservations, to welcome the guests, the real seating arrangement, i.e. distributes guests to tables in the room and brings menus to guests. If necessary, the cash register can also be added to the list of duties. Often this position includes tips.

CASHIER – the duty of the cashier is to work on the cashier. He is responsible for all questions about money, closing accounts, and for all credit card transactions.

FOOD SERVER/WAITER the duties of the server are to receive guest orders, serve drinks and food. This position is characterized by low wages due to high amounts of the tips.

BUS PERSON – the duty of the busser is to help the server by monitoring, the same tables after leaving the guests, and preparing the necessary equipment for the next guests. This position includes the tips. The tradition of American culture is that guests leave 15-20% of the total amount of the account, this gesture is respected by all guests…

FOOD RUNNER – Runner’s duties are filling food carts in buffets, then transporting food, preparing spices, filling the apparatus with hot water or ice as needed, working with food and storing it, often arranging the kitchen and taking care of its integrity , etc.

DISHWASHER– the dishwasher’s duties are washing the dishes, maintenance of the kitchen and auxiliary rooms.

BARTENDER – the duty of a bartender is to work in a bar or in a bar of the restaurant. He is responsible for mixing, preparing and serving drinks. This work requires a lot of experience.

BAR BACK – the duty of the person employed at the bar back is to help the bartender, store and take out beverages, maintain the hygiene of the bar, and so on.

FRONT DESK – the duty of the person employed at the front desk is to welcome the guests in the hotel, receiving reservations, checking the guests and generally, giving information to guests. This position requires a very good knowledge of English and is usually characterized by a high timetable.

BELL STAFF – the duty of a person employed in this position is to carry the luggage of guests at the entrance or exit from the hotel. Unless it carries luggage to guests, the bell boy is required to warmly welcome guests at the entrance to the hotel or lobby. The job is sometimes tense. It is useful to know another language, but only to the extent that you can warmly welcome guests from different countries and different areas of speech.

HOUSE KEEPING – the duty of the person employed in this position is the daily maintenance of hotel rooms, but also the maintenance of hygiene at the hotel in general. A minimum pre-knowledge of English is required for this position.

KITCHEN HELP – the duty of a person employed in this position is to help cooks in the kitchen.

ROOM SERVICE – the duty of a person employed in this position is to make orders to the guests by room.