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Work And Travel China



Spend a year in the land of ancient civilization and the most modern wonders

China has a great demand for English speakers. That is why the need for such a program was born. As part of the Work and Travel China program, within a year, you will discover what it really means to be a lecturer. By transferring your knowledge, you will help your children learn English, you will learn with them about life in China. With all that, throughout the program, yo will getting to know Chinese culture.

What does Work and Travel China look like?

The program implies the work of English language teachers for children aged from two years and older. It lasts a year, which gives you enough time to transfer your knowledge to children. You have five business days a week, giving you two free days each week to get to know the city and enjoy it. Also, for smaller and larger national holidays the school does not work. With the material you get from the school, you will save your lessons and work with your children as much as possible. Let your work not be a burden, find a way to have fun in those lessons. They say that working with children is one of the most grateful jobs.

The program will allow you to:

You experience and understand Chinese culture
Make a change in the lives of children in the school you work in
You develop basic teaching skills
You get new friends
Be the ambassador of your country
Share a part of yourself and your culture through meaningful interaction with schoolchildren and colleagues at work
Earn the money

You will experience new experiences, taste the new taste of food, see the areas that you have not been involved in yet, and participate in a different everyday life. You'll be back richer for one great experience


Start your adventure today