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Conditions for participation

Conditions for participation

Work & Travel USA

Conditions for participation

All the participants have to be on one of the years of the regular three-year, four-year, five-year, master or Ph.D. studies
Student has to possess communicational skills of English language (testing will be performed on communicational level i.e. by speaking or writing)


It is recommended for the studying to be continuous
To be between 18 and 28
To be flexible, ready for the team work, cooperation and compromise
Candidate has to be competent for work
To possess a valid passport which lasts at least until 1st, June 2020

Special loan

PECIAL DINAR LOAN which enables our participants NO INTEREST FINANCING in partnership with Credit Agricole Bank. Special Travel Agency – Work and Travel Group reducing the total interest in advance for our client.

Loan in dinars

Minimum participation 0%
Minimum loan amount – 100.000 RSD
Maximum loan amount – 250.000 RSD
Repayment period from 6 to 24 months
NKS for the client 0%
One-time fee 0%
0 dinar – processing costs
FIXED payments in dinars for the entire repayment period
0% premature and partial repayment of loans
ON-LINE processing without going to the bank