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Work in France

Work in France

About the program


The Work in France Program is offering the possibility for young students from 18 to 26 years old to get a professional experience in France. It is also a great opportunity to improve their French language and to enjoy the French way of life!
Through a pool of more than 300 employers located all over the country, we offer jobs in various areas: catering, hospitality, cleaning and services. They are entry level jobs accessible without special training.
Program length: 8-12 weeks.


CEI is a non-profit organization founded in 1947 with the goal to build bridges of understanding and peace through education.
With more than 70 years of experience in intercultural and educational exchanges for children and adults alike, CEI has become world-renowned for providing quality international programs for foreign students who wish to work, travel, study or discover France, its culture and its language.

Requirements for the participation

All the participants have to be on one of the years of the regular three-year, four-year, five-year, master or Ph.D. studies
A potential participant has to be on at least B1/B2 level of French language (every student will be interviewed by the program manager)
It is recommended for the studying to be continuous
Participants must be be between 18 and 26 years old
To be flexible, ready for the team work, cooperation and compromise
Candidate has to be competent for work
To possess a valid passport which lasts at least until the program end

Jobs and Locations


Paid Job placement for a minimum of 2 months before arrival for Visa holders and Work Authorization holders; upon arrival for European applicants.
Jobs are located in Paris or in any other city in France.
It is accessible to any student with a first professional experience.


Restaurants - Servers, fast food cashiers, kitchen help, dishwashers
Hotels - Front desk, housekeeping, room service
Stores - groceries, clothes, supermarkets
Rezortovi -cathering, animation, housekeeping, combined positions
Cleaning companies


Paris: Bastille and Les Champs Elysées.
Alleyras etc.

Application documents

A valid passport
Student booklet
Proof of student status
ISIC card
Birth certificate translated into French


Housing is either provided by the Employer, or with the help of our partner in France.
Students usually live in dorms with shared rooms and lots of amenities.
Housing price is 420-650 EUR per month.
Some of the apartments in Paris where students usually stay while on the program are: Foyer Tolbiac, UCJF Anne Marie Véder & Naples, AEPP.

Room 1
Room 2
Comune 1
Comune 2